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Post by harry12 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 11:29 am


We realize that sometimes, only you can fix what is wrong in your life. Anyone who has ignored multiple warnings about the wording of angry or insulting posts by our Moderators will be given some time to think it over.

1) First "strike" = a PM and a three-day time-out

2) Second "strike" = a PM and a one-week vacation

3) Third "strike" = a PM, E-mail to the offender, and permanent ban from our Forums.

4) Exceptions: Very serious offenses (like posting porn, or a "newbie" who comes in just to insult conservatives and makes no attempt at discussion) will be banned immediately without discussion.

A single, locked, post will be made in the Main Forum to announce any such "vacations" from the Forum to prevent speculation and grumblings. And, your avatar will be changed to denote the fact that you are on vacation. We would appreciate receiving questions about such events in Private Messages.

Thank you.

The Team