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How I make Duck

** Clean the duck, reserve all the Innards, and dry the Duck well.
** Prick Duck Skin all over with a Fork (do not pierce the meat)
** Rub (Thawed) Duck all over with Sherry Vinegar (or other mild) mixed with a few TBS, Orange Juice. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for a day.
** Brown Duck Innards, neck, liver & all in a Saucepan with a little oil. ADD Water, Onion, Bay, Parsley, Herbs, etc and make a Rich Stock. Strain & reserve for gravy.
NOTE: can also make a Stuffing the day before, bake & refrigerate. Make a traditional stuffing & ADD Dry Fruit and Nuts of choice, or keep it plain, maybe add some stock with a little orange Juice.
Reserve all the: Ends of Celery, Onions, Parsley Stems, Orange Peels etc. The pieces you normally throw away. Cut these up and use them to stuff the Duck. (You’ll throw them out after the Duck is cooked) Best to make your Stuffing (if using) on the side.
** Stuff the Duck, and close all the openings. (You don’t want the Duck cooking from the inside out).
MAKE SLURRY: In a Quart Jar, mix 50% water, 50% Orange Juice with a few TBS Vinegar (wine or mild). Shake & keep in the Frig.
** Cook the Duck in a roast pan with some veggies and water (about 1/4 inch) with the Duck on a rack so it’s not touching the water. COOK ACCCORDING TO PACKAGE INSTRUCTIONS.
** BASTE the Duck every 15 to 20 minutes with the cold SLURRY, Baste well & quickly & return Slurry to Frig.
** Be sure to use meat Thermometer to determine when the DUCK THIGH Temperature is about 160 Degrees. (It will continue to climb 5 or 6 degrees when removed from oven)
** Cover Duck Loosely and let rest 15 to 20 minutes.
While Duck is Cooking
MAKE GRAVY with the stock made the day before. You can add a little Brandy or Current Jelly or some Orange Marmalade if you like to richen it, and some of the strained juices from the roast pan with fat removed.

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