Requested Membership

So, open membership didn’t work out very well.  The only people who registered were Spammers.  And one posted some very nasty porn.  We can’t let that happen, so I have turned off Registration once again.

But if anyone would like to register and join us, please use the contact us form and send me a request.  I’d be happy to register your account with us.


Open Membership


Covert Conservatives is opening membership up to new persons wishing to discuss politics, religion, and other topics people usually avoid.  If you think you can discuss topics, and not attack other members, then this might be the place for you.

Please click on the Forum link and select Register.  Then join in on the many discussions you will find.

We have opened up 2 new Forums for new members.  One for politics, and one for general discussions about anything.  These Forums are not the original Forums we have been using for the past 11 years.  Our Core members wish to keep those private, and we respect that.

In time, you may be asked to join our Core Conservatives Group.  Until then, please enjoy the Forums available to new members.